One of our core differentiators is the people who make up the Integrated Architectures team. The Integrated Architectures corporate team members are veterans of the communication and information technology industry with the experience necessary to design, build, and deliver client specific solutions. Each offers an essential set of experiences and skills along with a proven track record of accomplishment to ensure our clients meet their objectives.

Corporate Team

John Reynolds, President, founded Integrated Architectures with a mission to build an elite team of professionals with the industry-leading operating and technology expertise required to ensure the success of its customers. With over 35 years in the industry in various senior executive and technology roles at IBM, Honeywell, and SRC, John is widely recognized as a leading authority on telecommunication technology and operations. As chief architect, he has assembled and created a set of best-of-breed methods and tools that uniquely position Integrated Architectures to meet the needs of its clients. He is responsible for the company’s overall vision, strategic direction, and the integrity of the solutions we provide to our customers.

Anne Chagnon, Chief Financial Officer, co-founder of Integrated Architectures, is responsible for financial and administrative operations at our company. To ensure industry-leading service and support for our customers, Anne is responsible for the financial and business aspects of our services. Anne has more than 20 years experience in the communication and technology industry in various management roles spanning finance, administration, and human resources.

C. J. Wesley Truscott, Vice President of Engineering, is responsible for overall research and development and for developing industry-leading solutions and systems engineering. In this effort, he is focused on building Integrated Architectures’s overall expertise portfolio to ensure Integrated Architectures’s client teams possess the skills and knowledge required to provide our customers with proven solutions that meet the immediate and long term needs of their business. Wes has over 30 years experience in developing and integrating complex systems and solutions throughout his tenure in the industry and is widely recognized as an authority on high-availability transaction systems and systems integration.

John Stenquist, Vice President of Communications and Operations, is responsible for the standards, interoperability, and test facilities, and overall communication and support systems required for our client projects. In this role, John develops the support solutions required to ensure seamless and reliable communication between our client teams and their customers. With over 35 years experience in operations and technical leadership roles, John brings tremendous value in our efforts to help our clients build, deploy, and operate solutions to meet their business objectives.