Our standard systems engineering methodology has provided dramatic results for our clients. Some distinctive traits of an Integrated Architectures engagement include:

  • Teaming with the customer. Typically, the team includes members of the Integrated Architectures staff and cross-functional teams from across the client organization.
  • Focusing on business requirements and process as the basis for decisions on technical integration projects.
  • Processes
  • Using a holistic approach to project planning. This means we seek to understand and weigh the impact of any change on all aspects of the operation including business process, technical architecture, organization, and program financials.
  • Using proven technological components and repeatable, disciplined methodologies in program control and software design/development.
  • Leveraging the use of legacy systems during the transition to the new operating environment. We anticipate that our clients’ legacy systems may continue to play a key role in their operation.
  • Utilizing a lean/agile development philosophy.
  • Achieving results quickly. We believe projects that drag on and on will fail. Working closely with client management teams, we strive to complete our projects within the agreed upon time frame. We press for decisions and for the support necessary to sustain positive project momentum.